Darkfield Studies - Introductory level

50.00 USD

Price: 50.00 USD

Basic membership includes access to introductory material on how to assemble and operate a darkfield microscope, papers on red and white blood cells, level one of the image gallery with high resolution photomicrographs, and participation in the forum.

Darkfield Studies - Practitioner level

60.00 USD

Price: 60.00 USD

This is for those actively applying information from darkfield microscopy in their research or clinical practices.

Darkfield Studies - Professional level

70.00 USD

Price: 70.00 USD

This is for those who have considerably more experience in the practical applications of darkfield microscopy to their work.

Darkfield Studies - Expert level

100.00 USD

Price: 100.00 USD

At this level, microscopists can compare observations, images, protocols, and implications of their findings.

Darkfield Studies - Visitor


Three-day pass for very limited access to a few essays


The first step in getting started with darkfield microscopy is to make sure that the system one is acquiring is configured to one's needs.  Once deciding on the model and camera, one needs a few basic supplies and usually some assistance in setting up the system and learning to use it.  Mistakes can be costly so it pays to have some help with the assembly and proper use of the equipment.

Next, of course, comes the sampling and there are some tips for preparing the slides and coverslips as well as how to take the best sample possible.  Then, the sample is placed on the microscope stage and explored.  Depending on one's background, what one does and does not actually observe can differ.  Being a medical doctor, hemotologist, pathologist, or microscopist does not necessarily prepare one for interpreting what is seen in darkfield.




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