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Microscopes and Supplies
Lomo DF Microscope

Darkfield Microscope, basic scope with 4 objectives, two sets of eye pieces, brightfield & darkfield condensers, video adapter, 6 filters, cover, and starter kit of oil, slides, cover slips, KimWipes
Fiber optic illumination (highly recommended), specify 110v or 220v  
Nikon Coolpix on Canon PowerShot  
Camera Adapter  
AC Adapter  
Remote Control  

Prices by Request

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Basically, almost any camera can be adapted to work on a microscope if it has threads (such as those used for attaching filters and telephoto lenses.)  A dedicated microscope camera, built for use on the scope will usually produce better pictures than a consumer camera, but it depends on the specs.  The configuration above is a sort of minimum entry-level package for clinical work and documentation. Cameras can be more expensive than the scope, but it is important to understand that they can never improve upon the optics of the scope. See article on how to put together a darkfield microscope.

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